Bachelorette Party Colombia:

Your Definitive Planning Guide For A bachelorette party colombia in 2024. Discover The best party destinations in Colombia, ideas, day & night activities, accommodations & VIP Services to delight even the most demanding Brides and her beloved friends …

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Plan A Lovely Bachelorette Party In Colombia

Whether you are the Maid of honor or the Bride herself we want to invite you to discover our bachelorette party in Colombia experience and how to plan a wonderful VIP girls weekend here.

Bachelorette Party Colombia Destinations

if you are wondering how to plan a beautiful and unforgettable Bachelorette Party in Colombia, the first thing you must know is that the best Colombia bachelorette party destinations are undoubtedly Medellin city and Cartagena city. Now get to know more about these amazing party locations and create your perfect girls trip using these hen party planning guides for 2024:

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Medellin Bachelorette Party

Medellin, the City Of Eternal Spring and The Most Innovative Colombian City, Awarded As the City of the Year Worldwide In 2013 Is Now Colombia’s N°1 Party Spot. A City That Can Be All You Could Ever Dream For An Outstanding (Lovely Or Bad-Ass) Bachelorette Party Trip in 2024

Cartagena Bachelorette Party

Cartagena De Indias, The Magical Walled City, An UNESCO World Heritage, and The Caribbean Sexiest City. An Unreal and Charming Party Destination That Mixes The True Love For The Sun, The Sea And It Colonial History, The Perfect Setting For A Unique Girls Getaway Weekend To Never Forget

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Let You and Your Group Be Pampered Like Never Before

We have been planning and organizing curated travel experiences of different sizes and budgets in Colombia for years. That led us to design a unique and striking know-how to specially attend and delight our precious guests. These are some of our key services designed to cater most of your needs:

bachelorette party guide

Bachelorette Party Guide

A step by step guide to help you planning an epic Colombia Bachelorette Party. After the bride and her friends read and complete these simple steps they will be ready to build a fantastic VIP party itinerary ridiculously easy and fast!

bachelorette party accommodations

Vacation Rentals

Find the perfect stay in Medellin and Cartagena where you can enjoy the most of your VIP Colombia trip. Stop thinking about hotels or resorts, if you want real debauchery, custom attention, extreme fun and privacy for you and your girls you should rent a bachelorette party accommodation.

bachelorette party ideas

Ideas & Things To Do

Get to know ahead what to do to boost your VIP party trip with this list of the best bachelor party plans, day and nightlife activities, city tours, adventure tours, and the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs where to eat, drink, and party hard like local experts.​

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Party Boat Rentals

Enjoy exciting luxury Yachts, Catamarans or Speed Boats and sail with your party crew to explore the most beautiful beaches, islands and lakes. Have an epic private all-included Cartagena or Medellin boat party to celebrate your or your friend's last single weekend and make it unforgettable!

Bachelorette party services

VIP Party Services

Hit Colombia like a local and come worry-free with our Top Quality Colombia VIP Bachelorette Party Services. From 24-hour transportation service to VIP city concierges and pool parties planning services. A 5-star party experience in Colombia is guaranteed for the bride and her team!

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Custom Party Packages

Although customizing your own bachelorette party Colombia would be ideal, for many girls, planning an event like this from scratch in a charming but unknown destination can be a bit scary task, but don't worry, get one of these all-inclusive VIP party packages or use them to make your own easier.

Why Are Bachelorette Parties In Colombia So Trending In 2024?

Truth be told, Colombian tourism hasn't stopped growing for the last 10 years for several good reasons and of course, it shouldn't be a surprise being the second most biodiverse country in the world and one of the few places with a wide range of climates and topography that offers more than five magical natural regions: the Amazon basin, the Andes mountains, the Caribbean coast, the Pacific coast, and the Coffee region. Also, since the signing of the historic Peace Agreement in November 2016, which ended a half-century-long conflict Colombian tourism started an unstoppable and faster growing becoming nowadays one of the most demanded and popular bachelor and bachelorette parties destinations near to the USA.

For Whom Is A Bachelorette Party Colombia Recommended?

In short, for any bachelorette party group looking for a lovely and unconventional celebration weekend than the typical, expensive and, monotonous Las Vegas girls party event. Beyond that, these are other important facts why you would surely love having your farewell party in Colombia:

  • A Unique VIP Bachelortte Experience

    Colombia offers you a totally different entertainment scene, huge and affordable party mansions, astonishing beaches and lakes, amazing boat parties, private pool parties, city and adventure tours in a whole new and different culture for you and your friends.

  • Less Price, More Fun!

    A VIP Colombia bachelorette party can be half the cost of a similar luxury bachelorette party package in Las Vegas, Miami, or Montreal, so don't pay more, grab your team and enjoy more.

  • Amazing Weather & Natural Landscapes

    Enjoy with your girls a great tropical weather most of the year and party at real paradisiacal beaches, islands, lakes and beautiful mountains.

  • Be The Divas In Town!

    Colombian people really like tourists, so no matter if you go to Cartagena or Medellin you'll be surrounded by very kind people having particula attention that you probably wouldn't have in a USA city.

Ready To Make It Happen?

Planning a perfect Colombia Bachelorette Party was never so easy! Our hen parties are unparalleled experiences crafted thinking how to delight and pamper each bride and her closest friends. Do you want to live it?

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