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Here you have all the steps to help the bride or the maid of honor to planning a fantastic bachelorette party in Medellin Colombia. Party houses, adventure tours, best places and activities to do, and all-included 2024 packages!

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Learn How To Plan A Bachelorette Party Medellin Colombia In 2024

Now that somehow you heard something about the awesome bachelorette parties in Medellin and that you reached here, we'll make you not regret! After you check this quick guide, our bachelorette party ideas, and our VIP services, you will want to toast with your group!

First Of All, Get To Know A Little About Medellin!

Medellin is by far the most modern and attractive city to live in Colombia. In fact, it is considered by many Colombians as the true capital of Colombia. Medellin is the capital of the Antioquia department, it stands on the Aburrá Valley and has more than 3.2 million inhabitants. It is also the second most important city in the country in economic terms and without a doubt the most exciting and innovative with its massive transport systems such as the metro, tram, cable car, and others.

It was once the home of the terrific Pablo Escobar (the infamous drug lord) and a reign of violence until 15 years ago, but after he was killed, all that dark shadow disappeared from Medellin, and so Colombia’s bad reputation.

Some people assure that Medellin has the world’s best weather and the kindest people of Colombia. The truth is, that is indeed a very exciting and attractive city, for many reasons. That made it be a superb bachelorette party destination nowadays. Medellin has some of the most affordable and original bachelorette parties itineraries you can find out of the USA or Europe, and a so unique bachelorette party experience that leaves wanting more even the most demanding travelers.

Here Is The Bachelorette Party Medellin Guide 2024

After you understand these few steps you and your bride squad will be able to tailor your own amazing bachelorette party trip flawlessly!

1. Find a Medellin Party House Where To Stay, Why?

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No matter where you decide you prefer to stay, a VIP luxury party house or a luxury hotel, we can help you anyway. We will make sure you book at the best vacation rentals in Medellin, near to the pink area (the party area) where are located the best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs of the city, which are mostly around Lleras Park (Parque Lleras) and the Poblado Park in El Poblado neighborhood.

Something to remember is that any epic bachelorette party needs a private party house. You must know that staying in a hotel, hostel or resort, will greatly limit your chances of having fun 24 hours, in addition to compromising your privacy and therefore your behavior.

Most bachelorette party games and activities require a private party house where you can have all the freedom to be yourself, dress as you want, eat and drink as you want, have crazy pool parties, massages and enjoy without feeling shame for disturbing other guests.

Nothing better than having personal attention to every important detail of your girl’s weekend itinerary. Our Medellin party experts assure you not only planning the safest and most enjoyable mini-vacation you have ever wished, but they will also be next to you in real-time to make sure everything goes like planned.

The VIP city concierge is your trusted person here in Medellin, being with you around the clock, or as much or little as you need them to provide you the best fun and stuff in the city during your whole hen party Medellin. From the moment you arrive in Colombia, to the sad moment when you have to leave, you are never alone, unless you want to be. Don’t jeopardize this special occasion for the bride, stay worry-free with your Medellin city concierge.

2. Get a Medellin VIP City Concierge

3. Enjoy Medellin Best Tours & Fun Activities

Enjoy life like never before during this epic Colombia party trip. Grab your bachelorette party group to enjoy some adventure tours, excursions, and outdoor activities to get a load of fresh air and adrenaline!

Medellin has a lot of outdoor plans that you will love. Choose from a Bus / Walking City Tour, Helicopter Tour, the Guatape & El Peñol Adventure Tour, Rio Claro Tour, San Felix Paragliding, Comuna 13 Tour, Arvi Park, the Pablo Escobar Tour, ATV’S Rides by the countryside, Paintball, Golf, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Tubing, Jet Ski’s, Boating, Water Skiing, Guatape Boat Party, Mountain Climbing and much more.

Make the bride and her team feel like they are in a pop music video having a great time by the pool of your bachelorette party house. Imagine you and your friends around the pool attended by a bartender providing you with exceptional cocktails, a delicious bbq catered by a professional chef, listening to awesome music played by a Dj, a professional photographer for a unforgettable group photoshoot session with your friends, and our signature concierge with you throughout the entire time to get you anything else you want.

Well, don’t imagine it, come and live it, because this is a must activity of every bachelorette party in Medellin.

4. Throw An Epic Private Pool Party!

5. Experience A Boat Party On Guatape Lake

Another exciting bachelorette party idea in Medellin is enjoying a boat party in Guatape Town. A 90 minutes journey from Medellin and you will be in the charming and colorful town of Guatape, Colombia’s Key West surrounded by mountains where you can enjoy an all-include party experience with drinks, a chef, music Dj and of course your best friends. Also, enjoy Jet Skies and a Flyboard Machine in serene calm conditions, kayaking and of course don’t forget to climb the huge rock of El Peñol.

You and your whole bride team will love the videos and photographs taken from this unforgettable Guatape and El Peñol tour!

If you want to have a nice meal or a round of drinks in a pleasant and enjoyable place you should go around the Lleras Park and 10 Street in El Poblado, or head to the 70 and 74 street in Laureles, near the Atanasio Girardot stadium, those are definitely the most recommended areas to chill out for a while and taste the widest variety of gastronomic and drinks options in Medellin.

Both areas, El Poblado and Laureles have a nice party atmosphere where you can feel the vibrant and happy culture of the Paisas (Medellin people) while you enjoy with your friends of a huge International Food Fair (Argentine, Arab, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, American fast food among many more) and of course, Colombian food, excellent Breweries, and an a lot of cool cafes and bars.

6. Eat And Drink In Medellin's Best Places

Ready To Make It Happen?

Planning a perfect Colombia Bachelorette Party was never so easy! Our hen parties are unparalleled experiences crafted thinking how to delight and pamper each bride and her closest friends. Do you want to live it?

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