Bachelorette Party Colombia Ideas

It’s official! Your friend (cousin, sister or neighbor…) is getting married and you want to give her a bachelorette party at the height of what she deserves. It is normal that at the beginning, after you have doubts in mind, it is a very special moment and it will become an unforgettable memory before the wedding, so you have to organize it very well! Although it is true that there are brides who want to organize their bachelorette party by themselves, this is not the usual thing, since it is usually the closest friends or family who organize it. So before getting fully into this task, we have to remember that all this information is intended exclusively for friends. Because you have just received the news that your friend of the soul is getting married and, of course, the bachelorette party must fall on you. It is your responsibility!

Bachelorette party plans

Here we offer you something original, more or less far from what you have already seen in other farewells or in American lag movies. Although you can add the spicy ingredients if this is your case, in Zankyou we offer you the base on which you will have to build little by little.


A trip to Colombia is an excellent option. For this, there is the possibility of a trip with all the letters, in which you will not have to invest much more money than you think, or a smaller one throughout the national territory, either on the beach or in a rural house in this beautiful country. During it, each group of friends can do anything, from tourism to organizing parties in each part of the city visited, be it Medellin or Cartagena. Whatever arises, but far from home.


The adventure option is more and more common and can complete an evening that also includes dinner and party. For this, there are different sports that can work. We propose rafting, canyoning or trekking as possibilities for everyone, and parachuting, paragliding or bungee jumping for fans of extreme sports and an adrenaline rush. You can also organize a powerful and expensive activity just for the girlfriend, but without forcing her to do something she hates

Party and shows

Cartagena and Medellin have great nightclubs close a full day. The limousines to go to the place of the party are already part of the topic but, sometimes, these types of experiences help to increase the fun. This plan is a total party and may be what you are looking for.

A Yacht

Are you interested in renting a luxurious yacht? Here you will find it !!!

It is becoming more and more fashionable to rent a boat with or without a captain (depending on the type of boat) and organize the party of the century on sea water. This option is feasible on any coast of the beautiful Cartagena, among our plans we also offer yachts, boats or catamarans at the best price. The result is usually spectacular.

As you can see, Colombia has been cataloged over the years as an ideal destination for a bachelorette party, dare to celebrate your wild party with us.

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