Bachelorette Party Colombia Reviews

Seeing bachelorette parties Colombia reviews is a very important topic to review, before starting to make travel preparations. It is important to know if the country is really safe, especially for women, and that is why we understand your concern to know about this beautiful country, since in the past, violence ruled its streets.

Today we can say with all sincerity that the situation of violence is already in the past, and we tell you from experience since we established ourselves in this country 15 years ago, and from that time to here the story is different. Stay in this article until the end and we will tell you a little about it.

Is Colombia a safe country?

bachelorette parties colombia reviews

When all people from North America and Europe travel to Colombia, they do so with a lot of concern, and it is not to blame that they think that way, since some years, more specifically between the 80s, 90s and early In the 2000s, the situation of coexistence in Colombia was total chaos, practically a country submerged in a civil war due to terrorist groups and drug trafficking.

For this reason, Colombia was always betated so that foreign citizens could come to know the country, and whoever did so ran the risk of terrible things happening to them.

But today the situation is totally different, Colombia has become one of the safest places in Latin America along with Chile and Panama, which has allowed many people to come and enjoy the beauty of this country. Since our arrival about 15 years ago we have discovered a wonderful and vibrant country, quite privileged by nature, excellent beaches, stories from the colonial era still alive in its streets, quite friendly people, places of relaxation, a nightlife full of a lot of energy. . All this makes Colombia a complete and perfect destination for you to come and celebrate your bachelorette party.

What changes does Colombia have?

bachelorette parties colombia reviews

Fortunately, and thanks to the hard work of local governments and its own population, today Colombia is recognized more for cultural events such as artists and activists than for past violent events.

From my personal opinion reflected in this article I tell you that Colombia is a country worth visiting. Cities like Medellin and Cartagena have risen to progress becoming the main tourist destinations.

For you as a woman who will come to Colombia with your friends to celebrate your bachelorette party, you can feel that you will have the full security that you will be able to walk calmly through the streets of Medellin and Cartagena without feeling threatened. The men of this country are quite friendly and attentive to foreign women who come to visit. If you need information or to know where a place is, they will tell you exactly where to go and always with a smile and kindness.

We know the true importance of true bachelorette parties Colombia reviews. And since you are going to celebrate your bachelorette party with us, in our packages we give you even more options so that you feel even more secure.

So schedule a video call with us right now and we’ll talk a little more about security, our accommodations and the total organization of your bachelorette party.

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