Bachelorette party games.

Have you thought about bachelorette party games? Leaving singleness is not just anything; Getting married involves much more than her wedding, as she goes from being a single woman to sharing her life, her home, and her time with someone else. That is why the end of an era is celebrated to begin another that will bring a new family. Although many times the games for bachelorette parties are not usually at the height of the celebration.

The activities for bachelorette parties are an incredible tradition that bring with them laughter, tears, memories and beautiful words. At Bachelorette Party Colombia, we want you to make the best of your goodbyes. Therefore, we recommend the best hen party games for you and your guests to have an incredible time.

Bachelorette party game with friends.

bachelorette party games

The cucumber game.

As the name of the game implies, you only need one cucumber. You’ve probably played hot potato before. Well, it is the same concept, only now you will have to put the cucumber between your thighs and pass it between all of them. The rules are as follows: do not touch the cucumber with your hands. After each round, you have to increase the difficulty of the game; all will have to move and jump or dance with the cucumber without throwing it on the floor. Those who become disqualified can take a shot. Of course, the shot factor is what makes these bachelorette party games fun.

I never never

We recommend including this fun game in your bachelorette party. In addition to being very popular, it will help break the ice among those attending the farewell, making it ideal to play the first night if they are traveling to Colombia.

The instructions are: the bride starts this bachelorette party game. She begins with the sentence “I never, never …” and after the sentence she has to tell a sad or funny anecdote that makes others laugh. Those who identify with the anecdote should take a drink from the drink they have on hand or a shot. One of the simple bachelorette party games, but that most amuses all the friends.


Among the bachelorette party games that exist, this is one of the most risky, since the idea is to make others drink shots while everyone has fun. Despite this, this game has become so popular that now there is a television show that does it with different celebrities on TV. Although of course, in this version nobody drinks. This bachelorette party game consists of each one saying a theme and the rest saying a name belonging to that genre, for example: soft drink brand names, and each one has to say a brand such as Pepsi, Sprite, Kas, etc

Karaoke with forbidden word

This is the typical karaoke that we all love, but with a twist to make it one of the fun bachelorette party games that everyone loves. For each song, one of the girls has to say a “forbidden word” and during the song, the person who is singing CANNOT say that forbidden word. She must change it for a similar one, which rhymes or means almost the same thing. For every mistake, she must drink a shot.

We hope these bachelorette party games will help you have a hilarious bachelorette weekend and then your wedding arrives, with an impact!

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