Colombian Men | Bachelorette Party

Many women who have come to Colombia for their bachelorette party and not only fall in love with the beautiful landscapes, they fall in love with Colombian men, due to their good treatment of Latin women and sex skin. In this article we will tell you a little.

Talking to some women about Colombian men, one of the common points I found is that they describe them as very passionate. “If I feel an intense gaze that runs from head to toe, ending with a subtle compliment, I am sure it is a Colombian” since these men have that great ability to seduce simply with a glance, we must confess that we women like to feel admired.

Conquering Qualities

Another of the great qualities that women admire in Colombians is their great ability to speak and especially to try to convince … They are incredibly skilled in the art of “sweetening the ear”. Especially European women find this very attractive, since they are not very used to it. The Colombian is very warm with his words and with his honeyed phrases, especially when it comes to conquering; They speak in a soft and enveloping way, something difficult to resist.

On the other hand, when it comes to dancing, the vast majority of Colombian men show the blood that runs through their veins. We women like fun and a man who knows how to move when dancing is very attractive to us. “Especially because other qualities can be deduced from them, seeing him move with great skill.”

In Good Mood

El humor de los hombres colombianos, es una cualidad que destacan las mujeres, los comentarios inesperados con doble sentido, “ese picantico” resulta seductores para las chicas. Hay varios estudios que demuestran que una relación que contenga un porcentaje de humor alto tiende a funcionar mejor y por largo tiempo. Es una de las fórmulas secretas en las relaciones exitosas.

Another thing that Colombian men’s women love is that they love home and enjoy their children and life as a couple. They will not be the only ones who enjoy this quality, but there is a very high percentage of Colombian men who want this type of life. So much so it becomes, that the more time passes, the more this quality becomes more acute until it becomes a problem. But it is up to women to try to maintain balance in these situations.

Dare to celebrate your bachelorette party in these beautiful lands, and you will fall in love.

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