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What are colombia safe cities?… Anyone thinking of traveling to Colombia for the first time wonders whether it is still a dangerous destination. Despite the efforts of the Colombian authorities to improve the country’s security standards in recent years, I would dare to say that with success, its violent past still persists in the collective memory. Is it dangerous to travel to Colombia? After more than three weeks traveling the country independently, this is my experience.

Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

When you travel to Colombia for the first time, you do it with a certain concern about security. Until not so long ago, Colombia was on the front page of the news for its violence. Common crime, drug trafficking, guerrillas and other irregular groups were habitual protagonists of violent acts and kidnappings. For this reason, for a long time it was a country excluded from the great tourist circuits until it was one of the Latin American countries that received the least tourism for years. A real shame since Colombia is a wonderful country that has everything. It has vibrant cities, a privileged nature, good beaches, ruins of pre-Columbian cultures, colonial architecture, very good nightlife, and a thousand and one possibilities to practice adventure and leisure sports that make it a very complete destination.

What changed?

bachelorette party colombia

Colombia safe cities? Fortunately, today it is a fact recognized by everyone that in recent years security levels have improved significantly. Colombia is no longer that dangerous country of other times.

After having been traveling there for more than three weeks, I share this opinion, and I advise anyone who wants to visit this beautiful country to do so without safety concerns being an impediment to do so.

Before my trip, several friends and acquaintances told me that they had traveled the country without problems. Even so, erasing the memory of such a violent past costs a lot, and I will not deny that I did have some concern about it, as I think is normal. However, my perception of Colombia has radically changed for the better.

Another thing that Colombian men’s women love is that they love home and enjoy their children and life as a couple. They will not be the only ones who enjoy this quality, but there is a very high percentage of Colombian men who want this type of life. So much so it becomes, that the more time passes, the more this quality becomes more acute until it becomes a problem. But it is up to women to try to maintain balance in these situations.

If you are going to celebrate your bachelorette party in Colombia you have nothing to fear, in the last 15 years Colombia has been erasing that dark past for which it was known, becoming a special destination for foreigners.

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