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Are you looking for a bachelorette party destination? Many women with a desire for adventure think of Colombia to celebrate their bachelorette party, and it is that this country despite its past of violence has become a welcoming country for foreigners, and it is that the affection of the people and the kindness it make a unique destination.

‘Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world’ is the new strategy that the Government has designed to position Colombia internationally as an ideal destination for doing business and tourism.

colombia bachelorette party

This campaign, which will be led by ProColombia through Marca País, is the result of a quantitative and qualitative investigation between Colombians and foreigners through more than 1,500 surveys and focus groups, “which allowed identifying the essence that represents Colombians, build the manifest and then validate it “, as indicated by the entity.

On the other hand, the president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro, stated that, due to the characteristics of Colombians, it is very easy to make people who visit the country feel at home from abroad.

colombia bachelorette party

“Making a foreigner feel at home is something easy to achieve in Colombia, since warmth, service and empathy are part of the DNA of this country and of each of its inhabitants. That is why ‘Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world’ becomes the most successful manifesto and a unique message to tell the world about our territory and, most importantly, about our people! ”, Explained Santoro.

Doubts doing your bachelorette party in Colombia yet?

You see this bachelorette party destination is neither difficult nor dangerous, this country has changed its face to the world and makes merits to make people who come from other countries feel good, especially from the United States. Think no more!

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