New 2023 guide for bachelorette parties in Colombia

If you are here, it is because you are already engaged in marriage, right? Then it’s time to plan the best bachelorette party of your life in Colombia. Last year was a good year for bachelorette parties in Colombia, many of our clients went home satisfied and this year is no exception, we want it to be better than last year and to have many celebrations.

So let’s plan your bachelorette party in Colombia, do you think?

colombia bachelorette party

Which city in Colombia would you like to visit?

The best bachelorette parties in Colombia are in Cartagena and Medellín, each city offers a different and impressive bachelorette experience, check them and decide which destination is best for your team or if you want a bachelorette party in several cities in Colombia (which one would be 2x Fun).

How many days do you want to celebrate?

To get accurate prices, you will need to know exactly when it will come. Begin planning your Colombian bachelorette party by scheduling a date that works for everyone. Check prices and availability of flights and accommodations in advance so that they work in your favor. Although we recommend booking in advance, we can still make it happen at the last minute!

Choose one of our temples

Find a nice accommodation for a hen night where you can have all the fun you want (no hassle) and rest like queens. Beware of Airbnb party rentals! Airbnb doesn’t allow bachelorette parties or guests, so you will be liable to get kicked out and even worse without a refund. The mansions of the old city of Cartagena and the luxurious restored colonial houses are the most recommended stays for a bachelorette party in Cartagena (not in the penthouses). The same in Medellín, El Poblado / Parque Lleras Bachelorette Party Mansions, villas and luxury party houses are the most recommended accommodations for a bachelorette party in Medellín.

What kinds of activities do you like?

Discover the activities and tours that you would like to enjoy in Colombia. We highly recommend chartering a party yacht for an island hopping excursion with a DJ, food, liquor, and our best friends. Learn about the things you can do during your stay in Colombia.

A VIP deal? of course

A VIP city concierge is key to making the most of your days in Medellín or in the city of Cartagena (risk-free).

Everything you might need, whenever you need it, the concierge can get it for you. You can also get a private chef, music DJ, waiter, bodyguard.

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