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An unforgettable boat bachelorette party ideas in Cartagena is what many women who are about to take the most important step of their lives with the man they love are looking for. But before that they want to celebrate like never before, enjoy good and crazy activities, and lose control for at least 4 days. What matters is that these days remain in the memory of the future wife and her friends.

Renting a beautiful yacht for your bachelorette party is a must if your party is to be held in Cartagena de Indias, the beautiful coastal city of Colombia. You will enjoy a warm climate, beautiful Caribbean landscapes, and your favorite music aboard a luxurious ship equipped for parties, this will undoubtedly be a memory for a lifetime.

To live an unforgettable experience

bachelorette party in cartagena

Living like never before your last days as a single woman is a rule of life, and this will undoubtedly be a pleasant experience renting our Yachts, Catamarans, or simply fast boats at affordable prices. You will enjoy sunbathing, trying different cocktails while dancing with your friends and tanning at the same time.

We have a prepared crew that will assist you in everything you need, from preparing cocktails for you, preparing delicious meals, and keeping your favorite music playing at all times. They, including the captain, will be available to you at all times.

Rosario Island and Cholon

bachelorette party in cartagena

Obviously a yacht ride will not only circulate the waters of Cartagena without stopping, our captain will take you for a walk through important islands of Cartagena where you will see other yachts and if you wish, you can join another party. They will anchor in Cholon where the fun of many singles has no rules, here you can get off the ship and enjoy this beautiful island and meet other people of different nationalities.


If Cholon has something, it is that it is a very exclusive island, so the parties here are usually private and only people can arrive on Yachts or Catamarans.

Isla Del Rosario is perfect for those who have never seen totally crystal clear water, in addition to that it is a perfect beach for marine activities. This Island is perfect to relax.

Where to get the Ships?

bachelorette party in cartagena

We include this in our VIP boat bachelorette party ideas in Cartagena party thanks to our associates at Cartagena Yacht Rental. These people have 40 boats distributed between yachts, catamarans or simply fast boats to break the waves at full speed.

They will take care of all the logistics and security inside the ship, from receiving them at the port of Cartagena, serving them during the transfer to the Cartagena Islands, taking them to the best spots for water activities, until returning them safe and sound to the port of Cartagena. when the sun goes down. You can also count on them if you also want the tour to be at night, they will be available for the time you want.

Water activities


If you have already decided to celebrate your bachelorette party, you may be wondering what other activities you can do? I am sure that you will not only want to dance, get drunk or meet other people, our packages include other activities that will raise your adrenaline if you are one of those girls who likes adventure.

Las Isla Del Rosario is a true relaxing paradise and also perfect for all kinds of activities. Here you can practice activities such as snorkeling, wakeboarding, tubing, subwing and you can also include a couple of Jet Skis to go faster and your way.

When it comes to bachelorette parties, women tend to be more creative than men, and we are well prepared to carry out whatever demands you have in mind, so what else do you want to include in your bachelorette party in Cartagena? We listen to you, write to us right now and we will give you more information. We are waiting for you in the beautiful Cartagena.

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