Fun bachelorette party ideas

We give you a fun bachelorette party ideas in Colombia, more especifically in Medellin. This city that combines tradition and modernity, it is the place where the most indigenous customs are preserved, but it is also enjoyed and lived at the rhythm of modern cities. The capital of Antioquia, one of the most innovative cities in Colombia, has entertainment for all tastes. Today it demonstrates it with countless places and activities, capable of captivating tourists and locals. And that these plans that you will see below say so: different and, at the same time, representative of Medellín. It sounds exciting?

An ecological plan

fun bachelorette party ideas

One of the busiest places for hiking and nature lovers is, without a doubt, an interesting park located north of the city. This important natural reserve encompasses different townships to the Northeast and can be explored on foot or by bicycle. In addition to its tours, the park has picnic areas, camping sites, recreational parks and ecotourism hotels.

In this space there are guided tours some days of the week where you will learn about the fauna and flora on each of its ecological trails (so numerous that you will have to return to see them all). If your idea is to spend a day in contact with nature and do a healthy physical activity, visiting this park is one of the things you can do in Medellín.

Street art tour

fun bachelorette party ideas

Medellín has undergone an important transformation in recent decades, and today it shows the most positive not only of the region but also of the country. And one of the most representative sectors of this transformation is Comuna 13: a popular neighborhood that today offers its walls as canvases for the city’s street artists.

The streets of the Commune are today a colorful hymn to life and hope. The guided tours also include a short account of the history of the city, generally by the same street artists who directly experienced its troubled past. If you pass through Medellín, be sure to visit this picturesque area that saw aerosols as the best tool.

Gastronomic walk in the Provenza neighborhood

fun bachelorette party ideas

A few blocks from El Poblado park, between 8th and 10th streets, is one of the most fashionable places of entertainment in Medellín: the Provenza neighborhood. The sector was a discreet traditional neighborhood, which has been transforming over the years. Today it offers a varied leisure offer for the inhabitants of the city.

The place has places that offer the best of Colombian and international gastronomy, mainly on what is known as Vía Primavera. In addition to an interesting offer of restaurants and party places, the neighborhood has a beautifully wooded park, ideal for an afternoon with your partner. If you have a good appetite, Provence is a place to keep an eye on.


fun bachelorette party ideas

Some of the busiest places of entertainment in Medellín are its water parks, which offer a spectacular day to spend with the family. Several of them have wave pools, water games, slides, recreational courts and food areas ideal to replenish your energy after a day in the pool.

One of the most important water parks is located inside the city, near the Olaya Herrera airport. It also has sports venues, bike paths and jogging tracks. Another important recreational center is located minutes from Medellín, passing Girardota. If you decide to visit these places, remember that through the Uber app you can share your location with your family at all times so that they are more calm when they wait for you.

Ride in the East of the city

fun bachelorette party ideas

One of the most indigenous and traditional activities to do in Medellín is to participate in horseback riding, a heritage from the men who colonized the Aburrá Valley on horseback. It is an ideal plan to do with family or friends and an opportunity to breathe the pure air on the outskirts of the city.

Many of the best options are to the East of Medellín such as Rionegro. Many tours offer docile and calm horses, ideal for learning to ride, and offer recreational alternatives for groups that include asado, bonfire and even rumba to finish a super adventure.

Fly over the city from San Félix

fun bachelorette party ideas

We conclude this list of fun bachelorette party ideas to do in Medellín with a flight over the Aburrá Valley. Paragliding is one of the most popular extreme sports in the capital of Antioquia, and it is an excellent opportunity to observe the beauty of the city from the skies.

One of the favorite places to see the city is from the San Félix sector, a few minutes to the north of the city. In this area you will be able to see the majesty of the Quitasol hill, the La García dam and the Picacho hill in the company of instructors. Go ahead and live this exciting experience and take a photo of these divine settings from above.

As you will realize, the leisure and entertainment offer in this beautiful city is inexhaustible. Don’t wait any longer, dare to try one of these six activities to do in Medellín with family or friends, and live this experience with Uber, which puts fun very close to you.

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