We are living in a new world. A world with covid , Traveling to Medellín in 2021 is no longer a challenge because the health authorities have done a wonderful job to normalize this public health problem. at Bachelorette party colombia we have everything covered. There is no pcr test required to enter the country. Leaving the country we have PCR testing done where your staying. Whether your staying in one of our amazing bachelorette properties or in a medellin hotel we have you covered. 

 According to the information provided by health ministry and government of Medellin, international travelers entering Colombia do not need to present a PCR test to enter the country, only a check-mig registration must be done 24 hours before the flight.

Is there a site of interest with restrictions?

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Not really! As we mentioned previously, thanks to the actions taken by local governments and health authorities, the restrictions in Medellin lowered their level, allowing the free movement of both its local population and the tourists who arrive.

 The curfews that had been imposed at the beginning of this year ended in April.

What sites can you visit?

Everywhere! The vast majority of the places that make Medellin magical can be visited without any restriction, among these places we find; Bars, discos, museums, the famous commune 13, the Pueblito Paisa between, and neighboring towns.

 Based on what we have told you in this review, visiting Medellin and enjoying its entire tourist ecosystem is not a problem, and at Bachelorette party Colombia we are here to provide you with all the information you want regarding this magical and spectacular city.

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